Transform your space by using accessories

Accessories can transform your home if it is done tastefully. When choosing furniture, splash out on timeless pieces that are neutral in colour and then introduce colour with the accessories.

If you are the kind of person who likes change as much as I do, a very easy and relatively cheap way of doing this is to accessorize these pieces of furniture with small colourful décor pieces like scatter cushions or ornaments. That way, if you get bored with the things that you have chosen, and want to keep abreast with current trends, it is inexpensive to change the look of your interior.

1. Set a budget for these items
2. Look at the room you want to transform and choose a colour scheme.
3. Take a photo of the room before you go shopping
4. Scan Google for a few ideas to see what other people have done internationally as well as locally.
5. Go to fabric houses for swatch ideas.
6. Less is more! Find one special item that you love, and accessorize that with neutral colours. It will make that item a special focal point in the room.
7. Personalize your space by using family photos; or even find something that your kids have created.
8. Your space should be comfortable and functional, don’t buy ornate pieces if you have small children. A throw over a lightly coloured couch can add colour and prevent spoiling.
9. Shop at a store that your budget will allow for, or you will create disappointment. But also save for a classic piece that you really want and will appreciate.
10. Take a friend with you with similar taste and enjoy!

Why not donate the old accessories to a charity of your choice (mine is the SPCA shop!)

Create a stress free sanctuary that you can enjoy. Remember that it is always the small touches that can make the biggest impact!

01 Feb 2016
Author Bruce Rayne
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