Is your garden ready for Spring Day?

The first day of spring is fast approaching which means it's time for us to kick our green thumbs into high gear! Read on and discover everything you need to know to get your garden ship shape and ready to show off some brilliant spring colours.


Prepping Your Garden for Spring

    Prune your trees and shrubs before the warm weather hits. Colder weather reduces chances of your plants getting infested by providing time for the branch to heal. This will also give your garden a fresh and healthy start to the new growing season.

    Weeding the garden, although there is no such thing as a completely weed-free garden, preventing them from spreading before spring arrives will help to give you a head start on bringing down the numbers.

    Divide your 'dividable' plants such as agapanthus and allow them to multiply before you hit the garden centre.

    Give your lawn a makeover by raking up the dead grass and winter debris. This will help to bring more air and light into the lower layers of grass.


Organic vs Chemical Fertilisers

Enriching your soil helps to provide essential nutrients that have been lost over the past growing season, but which type of fertiliser will work best for you?


Organic fertiliser pros:

    Adds natural nutrients which haven't been made from synthetic compounds

    Increases the organic matter in the soil naturally

    Helps to improve the soil's structure

    Improves the soils water holding capabilities

    Reduces soil crusting problems

    Helps to prevent soil erosion caused by wind and water

    Provides a slow and consistent release of nutrients to the plants


Organic fertiliser cons:

    A slow release of nutrients means that distribution may not always be equal

    May not always have equal nutrient quantities


Chemical fertiliser pros:

    Rich in essential nutrients

    Equal parts of nutrients required for plant growth

    Provides an immediate supply of nutrients


Chemical fertiliser cons:

    High acid and chemical content may burn your plants

    Unhealthy for the environment

    Food crops may absorb these chemicals

    Has a negative effect on any runoff water creating pollution

    Has a negative impact on the soils natural fertility.


Food Gardening, What to Plant

Food gardening has gained popularity and momentum in recent years providing many gardeners with the opportunity to control how their food is grown. If you're looking to grow your own fruits and vegetables, here is a list of foods to start growing during spring.














    Swiss chard




Garden Centres in Your Area

If you're looking for a garden centre to help kick off your spring day preparations, take a look at this list to find one close to you.

Fourways and Broadacres area: Broadacres Garden Shop( found at the Broadacres Lifestyle Centre, Cedar Road(

Bryanston area: Bryanston Garden Shop( ) found at 321 Main Road(

Randpark Ridge area: Lifestyle Home Garden( found at Cnr Ysterhout Drive and Beyers Naude Drive(

Midrand area: Keith Kirsten( found at 3 Waterfall Drive(

Fourways and Lonehill area: Shadey Deals found at Cnr Witkoppen and Main road(


Whatever style of garden you have and whatever you are planning for this spring and summer, be sure to have a look at the special and deals you can find in your area.

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27 Aug 2019
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